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ellipse art projects

ellipse art projects is a non-profit organization that conducts and supports actions in favor of contemporary artistic creation.

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ellipse prize 2023

_Launch of the call for applications 

After Senegal and Ivory Coast, the ellipse prize continues to follow the west coast of the African continent by dedicating its third edition to Togo.

In 2023, it’s a new emerging art scene that the endowment fund desires to highlight by addressing the competition to artists living in Togo, including all Togolese artists from the continent. With a growing interest of independent initiatives for the artistic development of the territory, the “petit pays” is witnessing the emergence of an increasingly assertive contemporary scene, as observed earlier in Benin, a neighbour with which Togo shares a common cultural heritage.

Fruit of a great cultural diversity with more than fifty different ethnic groups ​​for 9 million inhabitants from the whole Atlantic shore, Togo is a real breeding ground for contemporary creation.

_visuals © Keren Lasme

Find out the eligibility criteria and more informations on the ellipse prize page