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Who are we?
Who are we?

ellipse art projects is a non-profit organization established in 2021 by the French company Ellipse Projects specialized in design and build projects in regions such as sub-saharan Africa and Asia.

They participate in the development and the welfare of those territories’ inhabitants.

Through artistic and solidarity projects, the organization aims to:

  • support artists of different origins, encourage their recognition as well as reinforce cultural diversity
  • promote artists mobility to embolden cultural crossovers
  • raise awareness to new artistic practices via culturally and socially positive experiences
  • strengthen the links between the cultural economy and the crucial sectors for sustainable development such as education, health and equality

As cultural ambassadors of their countries, the artists contribute to the cultural, intellectual, and economic attractivity of those territories.

Artistic expressions bring people closer and emphasize the cultural pluralism. ellipse art projects wishes to conduct a genuine, respectful dialogue between cultures through art and knowledge sharing.

The organization was conceived as part of a corporate sponsorship protocol which will be committed to artists and civil societies. Its actions are exclusively directed toward general interest and without any political, diplomatic, or religious influence. It’s financed from private, non-governmental sources.

In order to meet its goals, ellipse art projects has launched the ellipse prize in 2021, a visual itinerant art competition.

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The team
The team

_Laura Picard


Laura is one of the founding members of ellipse art projects with the company Ellipse Projects. She works in the latter as the business development director. Graduated in cultural organizations management and in economy – politics in Montreal, she wishes to invest herself beyond her main activities within the patron company by including an artistic dimension. After having noted big disparities in the access to culture in the countries in which she works that she decided to lead projects for the societies and artists benefit.

_Victoria Jaunasse


Having graduated in cultural engineering – international art market and in art history and archaeology in Paris, Victoria has developed a strong knowledge of the art market, both the first and the second, before becoming interested in the connection between the corporate world and contemporary artistic creation. After having worked in agency, she specialized herself in sponsorship and started working for Ellipse Projects to develop a philanthropic policy through the creation of a self-directed structure. Within ellipse art projects, she coordinates the project management and the fund’s general administration.


Interview of Laura Picard and Victoria Jaunasse by the journalist Wanda Nicot 

Press contact
Press contact

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