Aly Mazeh
Aly Mazeh

Born in Abidjan in 1996, Aly Mazeh is a self-taught painter of Lebanese origin, inspired by the different cultures of his childhood. He builds equivocal universes made of patchworks and watered-down colors. Between proportion and disorder, the numerous symbols projected on the canvas invite the viewer to conceive an interpretation according to his own reading keys. The artist thus deliberately leaves room for the imagination through these enigmatic visual characters to evoke memories, feelings, telling a singular story to each.

His first exhibition “Renaisens” in 2021 decodes the place of the human being in the society.

Aly Mazeh is also the founder of “Yakomin” which offers creative workshops to introduce the art practice to the general public in Africa.

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Wambêlê, 2021, acrylic on canva, 100 x 100 cm

The Wambêlê in the center is one of the Senufo people’s great masks. Protective and two-faced, it’s made of two opposite sides symbolizing a duality, a dichotomy between tradition and modernity in the Ivorian society. This work is a tribute to the cultural heritage through its symbols that the artist calls to preserve and integrate into our contemporary lives.

Trois pensées, 2021, acrylic on canva, 100 x 100 cm

The tripartite room where is the central character is a metaphor of his own state of mind, divided and enclosed in a frame where his thoughts flood reality.

TV station on move, 2021, acrylic on canva, 150 x 100 cm

The television is covered by the vegetation stressed by the green color evoking nature that follows its course and always takes its rights. Aly Mazeh launches a call to return to the present moment and to move away from the screens or media so fond of the passing of time.

Unboxing dreams, 2021, acrylic on canva, 100 x 100 cm

The artist pays tribute to the dream, the candor and the insouciance of childhood. For him it’s an essential period to create its own identity in a world between the imaginary and the real, freed from all social injunctions.

Deep flower, 2022, acrylic on canva, 148 x 70 cm

The rose evokes the positive as well as negative experiences allowing the individual to build himself notably through those of others: our world is made of a field of flowers depending on themselves.

Deep flower

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  • Trois pensées
    Trois pensées
  • TV station on move
    TV station on move
  • unboxing dreams
    Unboxing dreams