Ibrahima Ndome - Atelier Ndokette
Ibrahima Ndome - Atelier Ndokette

Ibrahima Ndome (Dakar), Sa Niang (Conakry/Paris), and Souleymane Bachir Diaw (Dakar/Paris) are part of the Atelier Ndokette collective. They have been working together since 2019 and use photography and fashion design as their main mediums. Beyond a clothing tradition, Ndokette is a Senegalese word that refers to a tunic which represents the cultural Senegalese heritage traveling across the eras. The collective questions this temporality notion through experimentations. Photographs, videos and performances attest to these experiences focused on the present moment research in full consciousness, freed from a recalled past and an idealized future. The collective represents a laboratory of ideas, concepts and solutions.

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Ndokette Session, 2019

« Ndokette Session » is a multidisciplinary project which involves photography, video and performance. It mades of a photography series and a short film. This project was born from the curiosity to the word “Ndokette”. This word and what it refers to are part of the cultural Senegalese heritage and more broadly African. This curiosity has been fostered to understand the origin of this word, this object. It’s from this reflexion that the three artists have decided to represent the way that this word and the sociocultural phenomenons mean for them, for us.

« We have tried to observe the around us environment with attention; our multiple, audacious and surprising reality. “Ndokette Session” becomes an initiatic quest focus on a “personal” and “collective” introspection. Across these images, we want to initiate questions for people about the present. » As a matter of fact in some place in the world, people identify the past like traumatic or misunderstood and the future like idealized and externalized. Atelier Ndokette highlights the present like a temporality which deserves more attention: a present which reveals the conscient and the unconscious, the real and unreal with multiple nuances.

Thus, the collective has chosen to represent people in some place at an exact moment across different steps of life. They use the concepts that refer to rituals to recall its importance. To put life in perspective, “Ndokette Session” wants to interrogate about beliefs and feelings: it questions to build and to make a transition, not to destroy. It’s a call to manage imaginary again; not to dream it, to fetishize it, consume it but to live it fully, to produce it, embrace it.

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