Khalifa Hussein
Khalifa Hussein

Khalifa Ndiaye known as Khalifa Hussein is a young photographer living in the famous Medina district in Dakar. He starts to paint in 2014 and then he focus on photography in 2016. He’s a street photographer, a photojournalist, a set photographer and also, a surrealist photographer. To surprise the viewer, the photographer plays with the reality representation. Since 2017 his work has been the subject of various exhibitions. In 2020, he was awarded the Kuenyehia Prize in Ghana.

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Le savoir donne des ailes, Supertopia, 2021

This self-portraits series spotlights man and his environment in a surreal way through his psychic presumptions (dreams) and his inability to give an explication upon awakening. This project reflects the things that only imagination can really allow us to understand. The artist wishes to make the spectator travel, to awaken his feelings and to plunge him in an eternal questioning. Man must be determined to acquire knowledge in order to rise and move away from ignorance. Knowledge is essential to our evolution; it opens our mind, makes us able, gives us wings.

Le clandestin, Supertopia, 2021

This work refers to illegal immigrants leaving Africa to Europe in a perilous way, by sea, in order to escape misery and poverty. The causes are multiple: unemployment, the granting of the sea to foreign boats, social and family pressure, or the “he succeeded in the journey so why not me?”. The term “Barça” or “Barssak” comes from these facts, bringing each migrant as ready to face the ocean. Due to the very difficult conditions of the journey, many of them never reach their destination today: they die, drowned under the waters, seeing their dreams sunk.

Le collecteur de sel

Lake Retba or Pink Lake is one of the most visited sites in Senegal. The lake is famous for its pink color due to an alga which is present in the water. Today, it’s one of the largest salt extraction sites, operated by those called “salt recuperators”. The salt extraction has become their main activity for living.

La danse du fantôme

The Ghost: a being so mysterious and supernatural. Dance: a movement of the body and a living art form. When the two are crossed, each demonstrates its strength, hence the Ghost Dance.

La danse du fantôme

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