Linda Dounia Rebeiz
Linda Dounia Rebeiz

Linda Dounia Rebeiz is a Senegalese transdisciplinary artist. Through her artistic practice, she questions and heals from the influence of power structures, explores experiences of pain, and imagines possible futures. Her artistic practice highlights the power structures that affect black women’s identities and bodies and determine their relationship to freedom. The artist uses several disciplines, including visual and digital art, poetry, and experimental music production. She is also one of the 20 board members of the recently launched crypto-art platform Artano.

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Everyone’s home today, Home, 2019

“Home” is a reflection on what shapes our understanding of freedom: who gets to feel free, who gets to feel at home, whether in their own skin or wherever they are in the world. The artist asks herself when the pandemic lockdowns took effect. She wondered how many of us truly felt at home in our homes and in ourselves.

Permission to be man, Planes of resistance, 2020

“Planes of resistance” is a visual empathy experiment which pairs paintings, sound production, and poetry to exploring how the bodies of black women are affected  by patriarchal power structures. In this project, the artist focuses on experiences, expressions of pain and trauma on the physical embodiment.

Emancipation, Deparenting, 2021

This project is a reflection of the societal norms cemented during parenting, especially relating to gender and power norms. In this project, she explores her parenting to surface damaging norms that she has internalized and seek healing from them.

Rise, The Defiant Ones, 2021

This is an exploration of the cost of defiance for black women. In the patriarchal modus vivendi, those who stray from the idea of the stoic, obedient, resilient paradigm of womanhood are cast away from society, often violently. This voilence takes the form of physical or emotion abuse and gradually erasure. The works will be minted as NFTs on Artano, an environmentally sustainable art market built on the Cardano blockchain. It has been exhibited also on the blockchain network Foundation.

Femme nue, Playthings, 2021

This series is a visual meditation on the appropriation of the female black form by popular culture. In this project, the artist contrasts the feminist perspectives of the female black form with patriarchal/consumerist perspectives.

Femme nue, Playthings

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  • Everyone's home today, Home
  • Permission to be man, Planes of resistance
  • Emancipation, Deparenting
  • Rise, The defiant ones