The prize
The prize

The ellipse Prize is an art competition established by ellipse art projects to highlight artistic creation on French territory focussing on a different country in each edition.

The goal of this project is to support collective awareness about the surrounding environment using messages conveyed by artists. Art is fundamental to deal with essential subjects. Improving access to culture for as many as possible is a means of sensibility and innovation awakening.

The ellipse Prize wants to help artists mobility to share their work and to upgrade their creative thinking with meetings with other like-minded creators from different cultures. It’s crucial to support them in a more globalised world where economic and social disparities are growing.

Across this program, ellipse art projects is committed to facilitate an artist to gain access to international networks through an exhibition in France every year.

Edition 2023 - TOGO
Edition 2023 - TOGO

Call for applications opens until April 30, 2023

After Senegal and Ivory Coast, the ellipse prize continues to follow the west coast of the African continent by dedicating its third edition to Togo.

_visuals © Keren Lasme

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