Partners 2023
Partners 2023

Also Known As Africa

AKAA – Also Known As Africa – is a contemporary art fair with international focus on the artistic scenes of Africa and its diasporas. It is an event that brings together collectors, amateurs, art professionals and art lovers, who come to discover or rediscover the work of artists who claim a link to the African continent through their work.

Over the past five editions the public has responded in a very positive way. Sales are excellent and enthusiasm for the fair is widely felt. This success is due to the quality of the artists and of a fair that has forged its identity on a warm and unformatted atmosphere.


Atelier Ati

The association Atelier Ati is the initiator of the ArtMéssiamé residency (pun involving both french and éwé, a west-african language used in Togo) conceived as a platform for exchanges on contemporary art and its practices between artists on the African and European continents. It’s based in Lomé, the capital of Togo.

Born in the “wood workshop” of the École des Beaux-Arts de Paris under the impulse of Kokou Ferdinand Makouvia and then Juliette Delecour, two former students of the art school who graduated in 2019, the association Atelier Ati (“wood” in Éwé) was founded in 2020. The aim of this organism is to travel around the world to meet contemporary artists, to immerse itself in their practice and their working conditions, to discover their way of conceiving an artwork and its distribution.

During the ArtMéssiamé residency, the project offers to artists the opportunity to conduct workshops with elementary school children in Togo to increase their awareness of artistic creation, to lead and attend conferences and round tables with national and international experts, as well as to organize exhibitions, notably in Lomé, with the creations produced during the residency. At the same time, a writing workshop on art criticism is organized with students.


Institut Français of Togo

The Institut Français of Togo contributes to share the French intellectual creation, the promotion of international artistic exchanges, to support Togo’s cultural development, and the dialogue between cultures. Since its foundation, it has worked closely with other actors in the sector, both private and public, to make local cultural action more dynamic. Thanks to its multimedia library and its rich and varied cultural program, the Institut Français of Togo maintains an exceptional closeness with its different audiences (artists, children, teenagers, adults, art-lovers, etc.).